Creating Plastic Surgery Brochures

Creating effective plastic surgery brochures can be difficult especially since you’re supposed to be selling a medical procedure. While plastic surgery is a common surgical practice, the idea of going under the knife to be beautiful still doesn’t sit all too well with many people. For the most part, your brochure should be able to convince people that there’s nothing wrong with plastic surgery and that, in most cases, it can even prove to be beneficial.

A brochure serves as an informational vehicle aside from being an advertising medium. It works to provide consumers with details about a certain product or service, enticing them to learn more by inquiring with a live person and convincing them into trying the service to see the results promised. With this in mind, the design of your plastic surgery brochures will play a big role in making sure that these objectives are fulfilled.

The Cover

Your brochure is a folded piece of paper. The upper flap is the first thing that comes into contact with your reader’s vision. It goes without saying that when designing your plastic surgery brochures, the cover fold is important. You must create a cover that will attract a potential client to stop and look inside the brochure. You will want to add images, or hints of an exclusive invitation or a special discount. A riveting tagline will also come in handy at this point. Your cover should be able to tell your reader that he will find something really interesting and worth his time inside the brochure.


Once you’ve enticed the reader into looking inside, you will want to maintain his curiosity and his attention on your brochure long enough for it to impart exactly what you want to say to the reader. The content of your plastic surgery brochures should be properly conceptualized as well. The layout shouldn’t crowd everything in a small space. Don’t print your words in really small font sizes. Neither should you print all of your letters in boldface. Describe your service concisely and clearly. Your brochure is like a printed salesman. It should be able to sell the service on its own.

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