Maximizing the Impact of Patient Education Handouts

Even in this day and age, many are still skeptical about aesthetic procedures to enhance an individual’s physical features. If you’re providing such services, one way to convince people that there’s nothing wrong about plastic surgery is by giving out aesthetic procedure brochures to explain your point. Aside from providing information about the procedure, you can also promote your services through this material and entice clients into your medical spa or cosmetic clinic.

Here are a couple of insights on how you can create a winning patient education handouts to promote your surgical practice.

What Your Reader Wants

The best way to start conceptualizing the contents of your brochure is by thinking about what the reader wants. For starters, you will want your aesthetic procedure brochures to be informative – a material that will sufficiently answer your reader’s basic questions and entice him to learn more by inquiring with your office. Organize your brochure’s content in such a way that it follows the consumer’s train of thought. Try to imagine what kind of questions a client would want to ask before considering on setting an appointment with you. And make sure that you answer these questions sufficiently and in simple terms.

Entice Your Reader to Keep It

The good thing about aesthetic procedure brochures is that they are tangible so clients can easily take them home. Make your brochure interesting enough so that they don’t stay in the pile of heap that clients randomly take from places they’ve been to. Design it in such a way that it will invite the reader to impart the same communication to his friends and acquaintances. Incorporating helpful information such as tips and expert advice would work in maintaining your reader’s attention on your material.


Aesthetic procedure brochures should also be written in such a way that they sound like they’re talking directly to the reader. This creates a personal touch on a non-living material. It establishes rapport and a connection between the speaker and the reader. The style should say something like, “I’m talking to you and I know exactly how you feel.”

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