Custom Practice Brochures

It is critical that you have a customized practice brochure as part of your marketing materials. Otherwise known as a menu of services, portfolio of services, or simply a practice brochure. The custom brochure plays a significant role in establishing yourpractice image and branding as it becomes your #1 source for in-house referrals.
Your staff should hand out the custom practice brochure to every person who checks in for any type of procedure. 

When your prospective patient checks in for their consultation or first visit, they will be very impressed to receive such a professionally put together and tastefully done brochure.  These types of marketing tools build positive momentum with the patient and instill trust and gains respect with them, instantly.  They TRUST in that you have excellent taste and an eye for detail and RESPECT that your aesthetic eye carries over into all aspects of your business.


Testimonials for Patient Education Brochures:

"I thought I'd share a good marketing outcome I experienced the other day. A patient came into the practice for a facial consult that had never been in the practice before.

She was given the Practice Brochure by a friend who had been in the practice for an exam. Based on it, she came to our practice and ended up signing up for 4-5K of cosmetic surgery.

The same day another patient came to us from Vero Beach (a 4 hour drive) for a consult based on seeing the brochure. She also signed up for 4-5 K of cosmetic surgery.

It was a good day!"

Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.
Tampa Bay Eye Clinic

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