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Educate Your Staff and Profit From It.
In our years of experience, a well-trained staff is the common denominator found in every successful cosmetic practice. To enhance your practice, one of the first and most important steps is to develop a strong cosmetic team. Your staff will play a critical role in determining the outcome of your success and the accomplishment of your objectives. Without question, in the long run your personnel can make or break the business.

Our proprietary and customizable "Success System" marketing package has helped many of our customers effectively introduce cosmetic services within their medical practices.  This unique program will provide you with proven tactics and strategies for successfully inaugurating your new services, and advice on how to pinpoint and avoid common errors made by most all other medical practices.

Management Strategic Planning Session 
First, we'll assist you in developing a strategic marketing plan along with an implementation schedule. Then we'll help your management team define each staff member’s role as it relates to executing the plan. During a general meeting, the staff will be introduced to the promotional agenda, internal and external planned marketing activities, strategic objectives, and their individual roles in achieving these initiatives.

Practice and Staff Image Enhancement 
This session will focus on examining the overall image of the facility, its culture, and the impression being projected by staff members. Suggestions and recommendations will be offered on how to improve your overall aesthetic brand. As part of the process, a “Cosmetic Relay Team” will be established. Its emphasis will be to explore and illustrate the impact each staff members’ role has in determining the success of the practice.

Telephone Consultation Training
Extensive role playing will be the primary method used to polish and refine phone selling skills and techniques. During the session, the front office staff will learn how to effectively engage prospective customers and address objections; particularly around “cost and pricing” issues. The result will be a significant improvement in the percentage of phone inquiries that are converted into cosmetic consultations.

Cosmetic Consultation Process
This session is about fully understanding the aesthetic sales process and converting prospects to customers. It will involve extensive role playing that will equip office personnel with the skills needed to convert a higher percentage of consultations into cosmetic treatments. Real-life experiences will be shared to provide proof of concept.

The Power of Suggestive Selling & Skin Care Product Sales
Here, the idea of “suggestive selling and product sales” will be introduced. During the consultation, your staff will learn how to tactfully and persuasively sell skin care products along with every cosmetic treatment. Providing total skin care solutions keeps patients coming back for additional treatments.

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