Medical Spa Marketing

A medical spa is just like any other business, and as such, it would benefit from a good marketing strategy. If you think that your clients are enough to bring you the revenue to subsidize your operations, then you're still living in the dark ages.

Medical spa marketing is important in maintaining good relationships with existing clients and in attracting more people to avail of your services. Although your professional credentials and experience play a big role, they are not enough to make a success out of your spa. Many a specialists have closed their private practices because their Harvard diploma simply cannot attract enough revenue to support the people under their employ.

Taking Care of Clients

The three essentials in medical spa marketing are communication, follow-up and commitment. That client record you keep on file is not there for medical history alone. Use it to constantly inform your clients about up and coming services and promos in your spa. Keeping your mailing list informed makes your clients feel that they are important enough to avail of new technologies or promotions that you're offering. Constant follow-up with your clients on what they think about your services will keep them coming back in the future. And if you're committed to providing excellent service, your clients are bound to refer their friends and contacts to your spa.


A good medical spa marketing strategy is holding weekly events. Lectures on health and wellness, new spa innovations and even tips on how to stay beautiful attract a crowd of interested clients. This is one way to promote your services to a wider clientèle and informing the community of your existence in the neighborhood. Make sure to invite the local media when organizing such events to get good coverage.

Take advantage of special occasions to offer promotional packages. Coordinate with other businesses that have the same target market. Remember that you're not only supposed to invite prospective clients. Invite men to purchase gift certificates to your spa for the women in their lives.

Volunteer Work

Good deeds are sure to go a long way. Take part in community outreach programs by providing free professional services. Free facials, consultations and the like are going to attract prospective clients to your spa.

Go Online

Set up a company website. Allow for online reservations to make it easier for customers to reach you. Having online visibility widens your client base beyond your locality. With the rising prevalence of medical tourism, you're sure to benefit from tourists who visit your city if they are informed of your existence beforehand.

Get Professional Marketing Services

Sometimes, the best medical spa marketing strategy can be had with the assistance of professionals who specialize in medical promotions. Aesthetic Marketing Concepts is a renowned name in the marketing industry, helping medical establishments increase their revenue effectively.

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