Consulting Services

Do you have a plan for the success of your practice?  
Aesthetic Marketing Concepts can assist you in developing a customized internal and external marketing strategy that will facilitate the achievement of your goals.

We recognize that no two practices are identical. There are significant differences between a “start-up” and an established practice. A templated plan does not work! The first step toward plan development is participation in our “Complimentary Practice Evaluation.” The unique information you contribute to this evaluation provides the foundation for your customized program.

From our experience, we know that one and two-day seminars cannot possibly grant you all of the necessary data required to be successful. For this reason, we provide our clients with follow-up visits and unlimited phone consultation. We also do this to guarantee the timely implementation and seamless execution of your plan.

Our consulting expertise and services cover these areas:

  • New Practice (Start-Up) Development Programs
  • Practice Expansion Development Programs
  • Adding Aesthetic Services To Your Practice
  • Incentive Program Planning
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Practice Business Evaluation
  • Staff Performance Evaluation
  • Internal & External Marketing Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Identity Development

Internal & External Marketing Planning

Internal Marketing:

Recruiting new cosmetic patients to your practice from external marketing is statistically proven to seven times more expensive than generating treatment revenues from one’s own patient database. We will assist you in identifying and selecting the best tactics and strategies to leverage your practice’s assets.

External Marketing:

What happens when you do not advertise? Absolutely nothing! We will create affordable marketing strategies that build a professional image for your cosmetic medical practice and produce incremental revenue.
The image you project contributes to the branding of your practice. What is branding? Branding is who you are, what you stand for, and what your patients expect when they choose you for their cosmetic needs.

Identity Development

Developing Your Identity:

Magazines, newspapers, and cable television advertising are filled with medical cosmetic advertising that all look alike and are actually interchangeable from one competitor to the next. Try this exercise. Take the headline of one ad and place it over the headline of a competitor’s ad. How would you select which practice to phone for a cosmetic consultation? Is there are compelling reason to choose one practice over the other? We can create a custom image and personality for you in your advertising and combine it with content that reinforces your “branding” and separates you from your competition

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