Custom Patient Education Posters

In-office procedural posters will reinforce your branding and complement your practice brochure. Strategically placed posters in exam rooms, restrooms, and high-traffic areas will create incremental inquiries from patients regarding cosmetic services and reinforce internal marketing.   These too will be designed with your overall, integrated brand identity in mind.


Testimonials for Patient Education Posters:

“We just got the posters framed and hung up yesterday and have already had two patients book surgery due to the posters!! They look great and work!!"

Lindsay Awakim
Arizona Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

"We hung up the posters the other day, and they look great. I’ve had patients comment on them. Its increasing awareness of the services we offer in this setting."

Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.
Tampa Bay Eye Clinic

Dr. Cramer Dr. Greenwald Kass
Ray Superfon wolfe
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