Website SEO Program

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Initial Optimization: 
Depending on page size, architecture, quality and age. Includes comprehensive keyword research.

We refresh your listing by revising and enriching your keywords, keyword phrases and META tags. Title tags and content for all pages will be added, or revised to enhance your sites ranking position.

Search Marketing: SEO
Includes link-building, edits to pages to keep within current SEO “laws” and full monthly reporting. Depends on site age, page rank and number and quality of existing incoming links.

For SEO / SEM we do not promise any specific rankings, though you can expect to reach the top 10 on Yahoo and MSN within several months and on the top 10 in Google in 6 – 12 months, depending on the site’s current position. Brand new sites (not redesigns, but where there was no website existing before), or sites not showing up anywhere in Google’s index should not expect to reach the first page of Google for up to 12 months (more if they were ever punished by Google), though they may reach the third or fourth page after only a few months. Clients should be advised that no one can “promise” rankings given the unpredictable nature of the search algorithm changes, and that they should be wary of any competitor who promises a specific ranking.

We measure results in increases in qualified website traffic, not specifically in rankings, and optimize for the top searched for and niche keywords that will bring them the most qualified traffic. Monthly reporting includes a report of leads generated by the website as well progress over the previous months. Traffic increases depend on the regional market (how many people are actually searching for your products), but clients can expect to see a 15 – 20% increase within the first 3 months and at least a 40- 50% within the first 6 – 8 months. Many clients in metropolitan areas see much larger increases.



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