Medical Email Marketing

Email Marketing is becoming one of the most efficient forms of marketing and communication you can have with your patients and potential customers. It is informative as well as interactive. Your current and potential patients  can immediately respond to you and carry on an ongoing dialog with you. It is perceived as being more personal than direct mail  and can facilitate building loyalty with your patients.

Email Bulletins (E Bulletins) or newsletters (E News) are a very cost-effective, time-efficient tools that have  a high response rate. As a marketing tool, email is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain an ongoing dialog with your targeted markets.

The greatest benefit of email is the speed with which you can communicate with your prospects and customers. Email marketing takes seconds rather then weeks to send your advertisement.

Below are some examples of our client ebulletins.
Click on the image to view the actual email.

Epi Center Medspa E-bulletin Epi Center Medspa E-bulletin
Dr. Jayne ebulletin Discovery Laser Ebulletin
Monarch Ebulletin Anderson Cosmetic Ebulletin
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