Producing Medical Patient Brochures

Producing a medical brochures is just one of the many ways to effectively promote your spa to a wider clientèle. The general design and layout of your brochure, among other things, could make or break the success of your marketing strategy.

A cosmetic surgery brochure is primarily used to inform clients and prospective customers about the different products and services that you offer in your medical spa. It serves to entice people into availing of these services. Here are a couple of tips to get you started in writing and designing your cosmetic brochure.

Determine Your Target Audience

In any marketing strategy, the first thing that you need to do after knowing the product is assessing the market niche that you want to tap. Your target audience would greatly influence the general look and content of your cosmetic brochure. Is your medical spa primarily for middle-aged women? Or do you service teenagers as well? Knowing your target audience makes it easier for you to decide the tone of your brochure.

Language and Content

The tone and kind of language that you will use depends on who you expect to read your brochure. If you're appealing to the adult age group, it's advisable to use professional language without coming across as too stiff. Remember, you're marketing medical spa services – products that are supposed to provide a relaxing retreat to tired, middle-aged women. Being too casual tends to affect the credibility of your credentials as a professional.

Make sure that your cosmetic brochure provides all the pertinent information about your products while enticing your audience to inquire about them from live people. Don't cram everything on that small piece of paper. As much as possible, write concise and informative statements. Long paragraphs are an eyesore in a brochure so try to make do with probably two to three line descriptions for each item you're offering. Choose a font that would reflect the general tone of your brochure and avoid using more than two to three font styles.

Color and Images

As much as possible, choose relaxing and light colors for your cosmetic brochure. Lighter shades are easier on the eyes and are generally enticing to readers. Images are important to convey your message effectively but make sure that they don't crowd your text. Post clear photos but don't make them too big that they distract the reader from the actual content of your brochure.

Don't Forget to Proofread... Twice

Before sending your layout to the printers, make sure to go over your work down to the last minute detail. Check for any typos and overlaps. Remember that these simple mistakes are going to stay in your brochure for as long as it's in circulation.

Work With a Professional

It's always a good idea to ask for professional advice when designing your cosmetic brochure. Aesthetic Marketing Concepts has 15 years of experience in providing effective marketing strategies for medical businesses. We can give you innovative ideas for your brochure.

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