mCHART® was designed to meet the needs of cosmetic practices and medical spas!

Why mSPA /mCHART Module?

Benefits of mCHART

  • Paper systems cost money by diverting profit-center space into profitless cost-centers.  Office or storage space has to be allocated for client folders and for future charts.
  • When a client calls your staff has to take time to search for the correct chart and that is assuming it has been filed correctly and not misplaced somewhere in the office.
  • mCHART  provides the ability to consolidate client data and facilitate fast access to client charts.
Security Issues
  • Security is at risk if charts are lost, stolen, or if a fire destroys an office.
  •  mCHART’s paperless systems allow all employees to access a chart at the same time without ever leaving their station.
  • mCHART tracks who and when accessed a chart. Daily tape back-ups can be  stored off-site. In the event of a fire only a day’s worth of documentation is lost rather than an entire business.
  • Fragmentary systems are encumbered with problems. mSPA/CHART’s integrated billing, scheduling, client tracking, and documentation are simpler and have minimal problems typically associated with fragmented products that typically don’t integrate well. 
Click Here to View a Demo of the mCHART Module

Customer Testimonial:

“We have been able to save our practice $12,000.00 a month since instituting our EMR and use a flexible software to bring in more business.” 

“mSPA’s integrated system, from our perspective, is far more efficient and has a broader and more robust method of client tracking, integrating multiple stratifying methods of client tracking and purchasing behavior than “XYZ software.”


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