Client Testimonials

"Aesthetic Marketing Concepts has been a wonderful help to our business. As a new medical practice, we needed brochures, posters, direct mail pieces, computer programs, staff training, and procedure training. AMC helped us with all of these things and more. We visited the Epi Center Med Spa in San Francisco and learned more than we could have imagined. We highly recommend AMC to all practices—both new and established. It is one of the best investments we have made in our practice.”

Daniel J. Albright, MD
Karen H. Albright
Body Lase
Raleigh, NC
AMC Client since 2003

"After AMC’s initial on-site visit, my staff became energized and enthusiastic. Implementing their recommendations, we made multiple changes to our marketing strategies and the operation of my practice. These changes had an extremely positive influence on my practice. The marketing and advertising materials that AMC provided us and the suggestions they made have all significantly improved the revenue returns of my practice.”

John V. Dunne, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Erasers Body Enhancement Center
Bradenton, FL
AMC Client since 2000

"AMC has the professionalism, experience, and knowledge to prepare and train one’s staff to function in a cosmetically oriented practice. AMC designed and created my web site, practice brochure, and custom advertisements. They have been very responsive and were able to get a “rush ad” to me in less than one week’s time! AMC is worth the investment.”

Ron M. Shelton, M.D.
The New York Aesthetic Center
New York, NY
AMC Client since 1999

“AMC had a significant impact on my practice. While managing my office, they provided the direction to add new cosmetic procedures that resulted in a dramatic increase in my annual revenues. They were instrumental in transitioning my practice from General Dermatology to Aesthetic Dermatology, which has made coming to the office an enjoyable and exciting experience. This new cosmetic focus provided me the time to develop the PhotoFacialSM (Photo Rejuvenation) procedure and with AMC’s assistance we were able to introduce this treatment protocol to ESC/Sharplan/Lumenis. This resulted in worldwide recognition of the skin rejuvenation treatment PhotoFacialSM.”

Patrick H. Bitter Sr., M.D.
Institute for Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery
Los Gatos, CA
AMC Client since 1996

“As a General Vascular Surgeon, I had great trepidation about moving into aesthetics. AMC has been invaluable in organizing my start-up cosmetic practice and establishing a marketing plan that would help me achieve my aesthetic business goals. Their customized database software program is superb. It has allowed me to make wise business decisions based on factual data. My success in the new venture was certainly enhanced by AMC.
I would highly recommend AMC.”

Walter Tom, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Aesthetic Laser and Vein Center of the North Bay
Santa Rosa, CA
AMC Client since 1998

"I thought I'd share a good marketing outcome I experienced the other day. A patient came into the practice for a facial consult that had never been in the practice before.

She was given the Practice Brochure by a friend who had been in the practice for an exam. Based on it, she came to our practice and ended up signing up for 4-5K of cosmetic surgery.

The same day another patient came to us from Vero Beach (a 4 hour drive) for a consult based on seeing the brochure. She also signed up for 4-5 K of cosmetic surgery.

It was a good day!.

We hung up the posters the other day, and they look great. I’ve had patients comment on them. Its increasing awareness of the services we offer in this setting.

I feel things changing in my practice. Thanks for all your help in transforming my practice into the type of practice I want to work in."

Adam J. Scheiner, M.D.
Tampa Bay Eye Clinic

Testimonials for Waiting Room DVDs

"We have been delighted with the in-office DVD.  It has prompted our patients to ask questions about procedures that generated additional profits for our practice.  It is a very professional way to market to your existing patients as well as introduce and credential your practice to new patients."

Judy P. Cook
Practice Administrator
Dermatology Consultants, LLP (TX)

"Now that we have had the video for a while I thought I would share with you the general response we have had.  Many patients now inquire about the video content, which in turn allows us an easy way to educate them on many of the cosmetic procedures we offer.  I’d say the video has already paid for itself.  Thanks and please keep us informed of any changes you guys come up with."

Ted Hopkins
Hopkins Dermatology, Monroe, LA

"Our use of the custom DVD, playing on a video loop on a flatscreen TV in our waiting room, has been an excellent way to communicate to patients that we are doing a wide range of cosmetic procedures they otherwise would have been unaware of. "

 Peter Weinberg
MBA Administrator
Torrey Pines Dermatology, CA

"AMC has done a great job of customizing a WR video for me. Every week a few patients mention that they enjoy the video. They also comment that the video let them know about procedures that they otherwise were unaware about, or which they didn’t realize that I performed.  The video is attractive, tasteful and informative."

                   Dr. Jim Romanelli
Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery (NY)

"We’ve had a lot of great responses from our patients that see our infomercial” in our office. Now, instead of reading magazines many are watching the DVD and then coming back for their appointment asking about different procedures they didn’t know we offered.  Depending on the day and schedule, we have 40-60 people seeing our infomercial and we are guaranteed that audience.  It is really working well for us." 

Mr. Jeff Clifton
Business Manager
Premier Dermatology & Skin Renewal Center (AR)

"My custom Genesis practice DVD is attracting quite a bit of attention. I have patients ask questions daily about a treatment they have seen on the DVD, and a high percentage of them have gone on to book appointments. I appreciate your expertise and your availability to answer my questions. I would recommend your company to anyone in the medical field looking for a cost-effective way to do marketing."

Keith Nichols, MD,
Genesis Aesthetic Face & Vein Specialists

Testimonials for Patient Education Posters

“We just got the posters framed and hung up yesterday and have already had two patients book surgery due to the posters!! They look great and work!!"

Lindsay Awakim
Arizona Dermatology & Cosmetic Center

Customer Testimonials for mSPA Software:

“When I first saw mSPA at a trade show I couldn't help but be impressed at how user friendly it was.  Now that I have used it for more than one year I am in awe of its simplicity but amazed at the seamless integration of its many facets.

It is a powerful program that's not overwhelming.  Just as important is the very knowledgeable and friendly telephone support that's always there when you need them.  mSPA and mCHART have been wonderful additions for our office.”

Dr. Kenneth Rothaus
Ageless Plastic Surgery and Laser, LLC
White Plains and Manhattan, NY

“After extensively evaluating the available Medical Spa software products, mSPA clearly beat all their competitors.  It is feature rich, allowing for pre/post pictures to be linked to client records as well as electronic charting.  And after purchasing their software I discovered their technical support is awesome!”

Warren Danforth
Owner Spa 35, Boise, ID


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